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Wednesday, 25 December 2019

How to optimize for voice search in 6 steps | What Is Voice Engine Optimization?

What Is Voice Engine Optimization?

Voice engine optimization (VEO) is Chatmeter’s trademarked term for voice-based search engine optimization.
VEO entails optimizing your content, location, and brand information to increase your likelihood of powering voice search results.
You might be thinking that it’s too early to think about voice search. Well, think again.

Why Is Voice Search So Important?

Search engines like Google have been using voice search as far back as 2016. Data from 2017 shows that up to 33 million voice devices were already in use. Some of the leading contenders were Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Up to 20% of the users were using it for mobile searches.
Voice search has specific characteristics that you need to pay attention to. You will find that they are generally longer and more conversational in tone. You do not have the limitation of using short phrases due to the physical effort required to type. Developers are making voice assistants more human, thus allowing for better interaction when doing the voice search.
Focus on how your target consumer talks about your services, products, and business. You will find many tools online that will help you come up with appropriate phrases, that you can use when doing your voice search optimization. These phrases will help you understand the consumer’s mindset more, and you can use it for your online marketing strategy.
Many people who use voice search are looking for personal assistance. Many will use it to ask for direction or to make calls. Now Google has made it so much easier for the online user to make a choice.
Let us, for example, say that you are looking for a salon or clothes shop; Google will give you very detailed feedback. It will show you the location, opening hours, customer reviews, among others.
You also get an icon that allows you to make a call directly from the site. You must give relevant information about your business. Ask happy clients for testimonials or reviews so that you can incorporate them into your business listing.

How To Optimize For Voice Search

People are now actively looking for ways to optimize the online platforms for voice search. There are specific ways you can achieve it, and this includes:
  • Page loading speed
  • Themes and plugins
  • Mobile optimization
  • Position Zero Optimization
  • Keywords; both long-term and short-term
  • SEO optimization
  • Schema mark-up
  • Featured snippets
We will look at the factors above in a little more detail below.


When people conduct voice searches, they phrase questions differently.
For example, if someone is searching for a place to shop for kids’ clothing, they might type a query like “kids clothing Harrisburg,” whereas if they’re using a voice search, they may state the same question like “where can I find kids clothing in Harrisburg?”
When you look at the two questions, you can see that the voice search version is longer, posed as a question, and is more conversational than the version that’s typed into Google.
That means when you’re optimizing your content for voice search, you have to think about how your audience would pose a question about your products and services, rather than targeting short, general keywords.


Mobile phones are a staple in our every-day routine, especially when we’re on the go — we constantly use our phones to look for locations around us at any given time. That being said, it’s not hard to believe that about 50% of local mobile searches lead to a store visit within one day’s time.
That means that when you’re optimizing your website for voice search, you should pay special attention to localized long-tail keywords. Include keywords that are more like phrases and be sure to include your location. For example, “chocolate chip cookies in center city Philadelphia.”
This allows your website to rank for specific location queries while voice searchers are close to your location


Featured snippets, or position zero results, have risen to popularity as more and more search results feature them.
A featured snippet is the result that appears in an answer box at the top of search results, and it displays an immediate answer to a question.


It’s already extremely beneficial to create longform content for regular search results, but it’s also beneficial for voice search results.
Longform content refers to content on your website that is 2000 words or more. Google loves these kinds of pages and tends to rank them higher because they’re a sign that you’re an expert in your field.
Studies show that voice search also seems to favor longform content since the average page used for voice search results is 2312 words.
When you create longform content, the goal is to cover everything you know about the given topic. Break up the page into subtitles and add multimedia to ensure that it’s easy for readers to digest and read through.


Everyone loves content that is easy to read. If you use complicated, over-the-top jargon, chances are you won’t be featured in voice search results.
According to Backlinko, the average voice search result is written at a ninth-grade level. No need to try to complicate a topic or make yourself sound overly knowledgeable. Most often, potential clients are just looking to understand your products and services.
When you write at an understandable level, you probably also use shorter sentences and relay information in a more concise manner — ensuring that you only include what is absolutely necessary.
This is super important, especially according to our next tip.
Not only should you write at an easy reading level, but to break up your content, use multimedia like images, videos, and infographics!


When you create content around a specific question, try to keep the answer short and sweet. Typically, a voice search result is only 29 words in length.
This doesn’t mean that you have to stop explaining an answer after 29 words, but you should always provide an answer that is short and concise.
The best way to do this is to come up with a list of questions that searchers are likely to ask via voice search. Earlier, we talked about the difference in targeting generic keywords for content rankings versus targeting conversational questions for voice search results.
When you have a list of those conversational questions that you want to target, try coming up with a few different versions of the answer, and try to stay around 29 words.
This will give you a higher chance of being featured as a voice search result.


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